Connect with your True Nature

Calluna vulgarius

Bushes of heather sweep the moors in brushstrokes of lavender, magenta, and white. If you’ve been lucky enough to see heather wild in the fields, you know just how deeply this flower can touch your heart. She stands as a gatekeeper to the elemental realms, uplifts the spirit, and ushers in clarity of being. Growing in colorful hues across the most desolate of places, Heather always reminds you, you are never truly alone.

It is with these intentions, I build sacred spaces for you to connect with your true nature.

Sacred Healing Spaces, Containers, & Medicines

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Your True Nature Calls.

Can you hear it?

Welcome Home.

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist, and cannot offer medical or psychiatric advice. Healings, readings, and groups are meant strictly for entertainment and should not replace medical or psychological treatments. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Essences are not intended as supplements.

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